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Bouwinvest, an investor of pension and insurance funds in real estate, wants to contribute with its investments to a sustainable and liveable urban environment with the ultimate goal of building up the assets of its investors. A vision it succinctly describes as 'Real Value For Life'.

TD Cascade was tasked with translating this promise into Bouwinvest's annual reports, fund plans and other stakeholder communications.

Bouwinvest 2021
Bouwinvest 2021
Bouwinvest 2021

Final result

We translated the promise of 'Real Value for Life' into images by showing more people than buildings, more color, larger typography and larger surfaces, appealing headlines and different photography, supplemented with real life stories of tenants and users. In this way, design contributes to making 'Real Value for Life' visible and tangible for Bouwinvest's target group.