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A.S.R. does it

a.s.r. Nederland N.V. is a listed Dutch insurance group. a.s.r. Nederland N.V. carries the brands: a.s.r., Europeesche Verzekeringen, Ardanta and Ditzo. TD Cascade has been producing the annual reports for a.s.r. Nederland and its portfolio of various independent insurance activities for many years. 

asr work

Digital with the software of Tangelo

In its integrated annual report, a.s.r. Nederland N.V. aims for full disclosure of its impact and value to society. Since 2 years a.s.r. Nederland N.V. has been using Tangelo's software to produce the integrated report digitally and in-house.

asr work
asr work

'This is the time of doing'

In addition to a digital step forward, a.s.r. chooses a future-focused theme: 'This is the time of doing'. This theme is also used by a.s.r. in its TV commercials and information materials and on social media. TD Cascade wove this theme through the annual reports in a variety of ways, from the appealing covers to the data visualization.