CBRE Annual Report 2021

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CBRE Investment Management: annual reports as a permanent feature

CBRE Investment Management is an independently operating unit of CBRE Group, the world's largest commercial real estate services and investment company headquartered in New York. Originally British-American, the company employs more than 100,000 people in 2022 and serves real estate investors and users in more than 100 countries. TD Cascade has been preparing the annual reports for the European property investment funds of CBRE (which acquired ING Vastgoed in the Netherlands) for almost 20 years.

CBRE 2021 - overview
CBRE 2021 overview
CBRE 2021 - map

Working with CBRE Investment Management, TD Cascade developed a cleanly designed reporting template so that each individual fund still clearly exudes the CBRE corporation identity.

The production period for all of these annual reports is only one month, and during that month our team switches daily with the various CBRE teams in Europe. The required high turnover rate and detailing require short lines of communication and a streamlined and automated process. To ensure this, we continue to develop and fine tune throughout the year.
CBRE's annual reports are a wonderful example of the value of close cooperation, At the same time they show that 'constant' is not the same as stagnation. And continuity is not the same as repetition.

CBRE 2021 Organisation Chart
CBRE 2021 - Cover page



a.s.r. Annual Report 2021

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A.S.R. does it

a.s.r. Nederland N.V. is a listed Dutch insurance group. a.s.r. Nederland N.V. carries the brands: a.s.r., Europeesche Verzekeringen, Ardanta and Ditzo. TD Cascade has been producing the annual reports for a.s.r. Nederland and its portfolio of various independent insurance activities for many years. 

asr work

Digital with the software of Tangelo

In its integrated annual report, a.s.r. Nederland N.V. aims for full disclosure of its impact and value to society. Since 2 years a.s.r. Nederland N.V. has been using Tangelo's software to produce the integrated report digitally and in-house.

asr work
asr work

'This is the time of doing'

In addition to a digital step forward, a.s.r. chooses a future-focused theme: 'This is the time of doing'. This theme is also used by a.s.r. in its TV commercials and information materials and on social media. TD Cascade wove this theme through the annual reports in a variety of ways, from the appealing covers to the data visualization.

Umicore Annual Report 2021

customer since 2019

Umicore. Sustainability in DNA.

Umicore is a world leader in materials technology and precious metals recycling. The Belgian company develops, produces and recycles high-tech materials for, among others, solar cells, satellites, rechargeable batteries, LED applications and catalysts. The worldwide group employs more than 11,000 people who together generate some 4 billion in sales.

Creating sustainable value is the overarching strategic ambition of Umicore (Materials for a better life). With its thorough 'Let's go for zero' approach, Umicore has been at the forefront of ESG for years. Sustainability is, as it were, in their DNA.

In its integrated report, Umicore strives for full disclosure of its impact and value to society. Since 2 years Umicore has been using Tangelo's software to produce the integrated report digitally and in-house.

TD Cascade was initially tasked with developing a basic design for the report in line with Umicore's branding. Subsequently, at Umicore's request, the visualisation of crucial data was further optimised. Particular attention was paid to the layout of tables, graphs and diagrams and the design of crucial infographics and illustrations such as Umicore's value creation model.

In a second phase, TD Cascade supported the implementation of all layout and design assets in Tangelo using templates and custom coding.

Corbion Annual Report 2021

customer since 2020

Corbion: a classic annual report for today

Corbion, formerly CSM, is a Dutch global food company, founded in 1919, which grew out of the beet sugar industry and was initially known for its bakery products. In 2013, CSM was reorganised financially and operationally and its name was changed to Corbion, the world market leader in lactic acid and its derivatives. Lactic acid plays an important role in fermentation processes for the long-term preservation of food. As such, the health of people and our planet are part of Corbion's central thinking. This should be reflected in all communications, including the annual reports.

The annual report 2021, made with the software of F19 Digital Reporting from Eindhoven including the ESEF and XBRL format required by the AFM, is an example of multichannel integrated report For each annual report we develop a topical theme together with Corbion. Special design elements are the pages with company highlights and the value creation model.

Corbion work
Corbion work
Corbion work
Corbion work

For the cover, Corbion always chooses a topical theme. Special design elements are the pages with company highlights and Corbion's value creation model. For a complete picture, you can view the annual report yourself on the Corbion site under Investor Relations.

Ordina Annual Report 2021

customer since 2019

Ordina excels in clarity

Ordina NV is a service provider in the field of Consulting and ICT. The company invents, builds and manages solutions for the automation of business processes and ICT. With a turnover of € 344.9 million and 2559 employees, Ordina is one of the larger players in the Benelux.

Ordina's desire is for a report that "properly presents their organization, strategy and social contribution in an attractive and accessible format." In addition, the report must comply with the transparency benchmark, the GRI standard and the technical regulatory standards in the context of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) imposed by ESMA. Using our own tools such as InDesign and InCopy, TD Cascade succeeded excellently.

At Ordina, and therefore also in the annual report, people are the central focus. Topical themes such as transformation and connection form the visual thread. The result is an annual report that excels in clarity and overview.
The soft colors, 3D infographics and 'friendly' photography plus the full-screen landscape format make the report an open book that invites to be read.

Bouwinvest Annual Report 2021

customer since 2014


Bouwinvest, an investor of pension and insurance funds in real estate, wants to contribute with its investments to a sustainable and liveable urban environment with the ultimate goal of building up the assets of its investors. A vision it succinctly describes as 'Real Value For Life'.

TD Cascade was tasked with translating this promise into Bouwinvest's annual reports, fund plans and other stakeholder communications.

Bouwinvest 2021
Bouwinvest 2021
Bouwinvest 2021

Final result

We translated the promise of 'Real Value for Life' into images by showing more people than buildings, more color, larger typography and larger surfaces, appealing headlines and different photography, supplemented with real life stories of tenants and users. In this way, design contributes to making 'Real Value for Life' visible and tangible for Bouwinvest's target group.